Take Advantage of the Summer Drink Specials at Stardust Bowl in Addison

Take Advantage of the Summer Drink Specials at Stardust Bowl in Addison

drink-and-bowl-specialsSometimes, there’s no better feeling than to sit back and enjoy a few drinks after a long day. The only problem is that, when you go out, drinks now tend to be on the expensive side. While you might have a great time at the bar, you often do so at the expense of your bank account.

Looking for a place where you can drink without putting a huge dent in your wallet in Addison? Stardust Bowl has you covered.

We’re offering drink specials all summer long, making it affordable for you to blow off some steam after a long day’s work. Check out our Addison specials below!

Summer-Long Drink Specials

As noted above, we are offering drink specials all throughout the summer. Most of our specials vary by day, so make sure to check out the schedule below before stopping in.


Taking place every day throughout the summer is our Everyday Bucket Special. This special will get you a 5-bottle bucket of Miller High Life for $13.00. All other buckets cost between $14.00 and $16.00.


On Sundays, we offer 4 different drink specials. Not only are our well liquors available for $2.25 each, but our domestic pints are available for $2.75, our domestic pitchers are available for $10.00, and our craft and import pints are available for $5.00 each.


On Mondays, you will find the same drink specials as you will find on Sundays. Well liquors are just $2.25 per drink. Domestic pints are $2.75. Domestic pitchers are $10.00. Craft and import pints are $5.00.


Our Tuesday drink specials are reserved for all Miller and Coors products. Any beer which comes from the Miller or Coors family will be discounted in some way. Single bottles of these beers are available for $2.60, while 5-bottle buckets are available for $13.00.


Whereas our Tuesday drink specials are centered around Miller and Coors, our Wednesday drink specials are centered around Old Style, PBR, Becks, Stella, and Rolling Rocks. If you’re buying Old Style, PBR, or Rolling Rocks, you can get bottles for $2.60 and buckets for $13.00. If you’re drinking Becks or Stella, you can buy bottles for $3.75.


Thursday night is a night for Budweiser. All beers that are part of the Budweiser family (Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra) are available in bottles for $2.60 and buckets for $13.00.


Our Friday night specials revolve around DOS XX. DOS XX bottles are available for $3.75, DOS XX buckets are available for $16.00.


Our Saturday specials mirror our Friday specials, centering around DOS XX. Bottles are available for $3.75 while buckets are available for $16.00.


We have a number of different liquors on sale all throughout the summer. When ordered straight, these liquors are available for $5.00 or under. Not only can you order Absolut Vodka for $4.50, you can order Jose Cuervo Gold for $3.00.

More interested in a mixed drink? Perhaps Long Island Iced Teas? We’re serving them for $6.00 each all summer long. Unless you’re drinking at home, that’s a price which you’ll struggle to find anywhere else.

Drink, Eat, and Get to Bowling

If you’re looking to drink in a fun atmosphere, or if you’re simply tired of going to the same old standalone bars, Stardust Bowl can accommodate you. Not only can you benefit from our excellent daily drink specials, you can eat some of our food and enjoy our bowling lanes as well—all without running up a massive bar tab.

Have any questions? Don’t be afraid to contact us!

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