bowling-party-eventDoes your child have a birthday coming up? Looking for a good team building activity for the office? If so, why not give a bowling party a try? Stardust Bowl in Addison, Illinois hosts parties and events for a variety of different purposes. You can bowl a few games, have some drinks, eat some food, and congregate with your friends in a fun, laid-back setting. We’d love to have you!

drink-and-bowl-specialsSometimes, there’s no better feeling than to sit back and enjoy a few drinks after a long day. The only problem is that, when you go out, drinks now tend to be on the expensive side. While you might have a great time at the bar, you often do so at the expense of your bank account. Looking for a place where you can drink without putting a huge dent in your wallet in Addison? Stardust Bowl has you covered. We’re offering drink specials all summer long, making it affordable for you to blow off some steam after a long day’s work. Check out our Addison specials below!

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